Recycled Vegetable Oil Suppliers – Sustain Biodiesel

Used Cooking Oil Manufacturers

Minimum Order Quantity : 20’ Container ( Filled in Flexitank )

Every drop of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from Sustain Bio-Fuels goes through a stringent quality check throughout the production phase – right from collection of used cooking oil production to storage and delivery.

  • UCO production sourced from various restaurants and food factories across India
  • High quality vegetable used cooking oil with no animal fat content
  • Ideal for production as a transportable, storable fuel for transport
  • Consistent availability of steady volume of UCO
  • Low in free fatty acids resulting in higher yield of bio-fuel
  • Low water / moisture content and zero impurity levels
  • Authorised Eco-collection System and UCO aggregation
  • Pre-treatment of UCO to remove impurities and moisture
  • Strategically located near Kochi, the logistics-hub of South India
  • Facility to deliver UCO in flexi tank
  • Reliable storage, packaging and distribution of UCO